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Benefits of Independent Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is one of medicine's most beneficial forms of treatment, addressing a wide range of needs unique to each patient. At INIPT, we believe the most successful path to rehabilitation, recovery and ongoing wellness is through a focused provider-patient relationship free of outside influences that could impact the quality of care.

Why Physical Therapy?

A Plan for Better Health

Whether you are recovering from injury or illness, managing chronic pain or seeking to increase mobility or athletic performance, physical therapy plays an important role.

Physical therapists use their deep understanding of human anatomy coupled with evidence-based treatments to reduce pain and inflammation while assisting patients to build strength, flexibility and stamina, all critical components of overall wellbeing.

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Prioritizing Patients

Expert Care, Customized to You

Physical therapists with independent practices offer their services without influence from outside entities, meaning you receive customized care with your best interests in mind.

INIPT's members are all licensed members in good standing of the American Physical Therapy Association with their own practices in the greater Chicagoland area and beyond.

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